Our history

Our company is located in La Forma – Serrone, Frosinone’s province. It was founded 50 years ago from the current owner Mr. Giovanni now directs with his three children.

Mr. Giovanni and his wife, Santa, personally involved in the vineyard who count in all a surface about 10 hectares, and travelling with advanced machinery and all with great sacrifices while the three children engaged in the production, sales and tax administration. As you can see a typical, traditional family business.

Company philosophy

The winery uses modern machinery and new technologies while keeping strictly productio’s techniques and jealously guarded the secret of this wines is austere and so precious.
In the early 1990, years of severe crisis for the farming community especially the stubbornness of wine, Mr. Giovanni a challenge: to relaunch the flagship product of our land of the red wine Cesanese Piglio Doc. First of all, he decided to salvage the old vineyards of the family belonged to his grandfather and then to select the variety of Cesanese d’affile to be able to replant the new vineyards, and with the collaboration of our agronomist and the current winemaker, dragging his entire family in this “challenge” and to talk about “our wines all around the world”.